WWE - The Worst Beating I Ever Got! ft. Chris Pontius (Reaction) | Steve-O

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I've been hit in the head hard enough to black out only a few times, and this was one of them, in the WWE ring on Monday Night Raw. I'm super stoked for this to be my first reaction video on BYkeys, and that I did it with my Jackass / Wildboyz brother, Chris Pontius!


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WWE - The Worst Beating I Ever Got! ft. Chris Pontius (Reaction) | Steve-O



  1. Zus The Bruce
    Zus The Bruce
    Дзень таму

    Man something about seeing someone in this kinda pain because they thought they could do anything is sooooooo funny I’m laughing the whole time of the match

  2. Zus The Bruce
    Zus The Bruce
    Дзень таму

    Damnnnnn made Stevo think twice about entering the ring that physical sport no joke this perfect example for ppl who think they can just become a wrestler or boxer lolz

  3. Lil' Joe
    Lil' Joe
    Дзень таму

    Bear attack..play dead

  4. Jawa 2
    Jawa 2
    4 дні таму

    I wish they did wildboyz again. Atleast one movie

  5. Zayden Mico
    Zayden Mico
    6 дзён таму

    1:47 Steve-o has a cool psychotic laugh! 🤠😂😵😭😂😵😭😂😵😭🤠

  6. Jason
    7 дзён таму

    I'm not sure I'll ever know why you guys do this stuff lol, but I thank you because godamnit its entertaining! Love you guys

  7. NoFearGtr
    7 дзён таму

    good job boyz you almoust kicked his but

    7 дзён таму

    Steve O looks like Johnny Knoxville's brother these days.

  9. J 12
    J 12
    9 дзён таму

    i love how he refers to selling as playing dead lol

  10. r20
    12 дзён таму

    I love how they cut the video when they said umaga had a heart attack coz pontius was gonna laugh

  11. r20
    12 дзён таму

    We came here to do 2 things, kick some ass and whoop some butt

  12. Santiago Osorio
    Santiago Osorio
    12 дзён таму

    Quiero esto en español

    1. steveo
      12 дзён таму

      Coming soon!

  13. iclypto
    14 дзён таму

    Steven was beaten into a blackout.

  14. Oscar and my boi Archies vids
    Oscar and my boi Archies vids
    14 дзён таму

    You really copped it

  15. Botellita De jerez
    Botellita De jerez
    15 дзён таму

    These fucking guys are legends

  16. shadowlax47
    15 дзён таму

    I wish umaga was alive to do this break down. RIP SAMOAN BULLDOZER

  17. Rooster McScratch
    Rooster McScratch
    15 дзён таму

    Umaga totally shot on Steve-O. Not cool.

  18. Joshua Forbus
    Joshua Forbus
    17 дзён таму

    I thinks it's astonishing and admirable that the man is sober. It just doesn't happen.His sobriety shows the great deal of intellect and power embedded in him. I was never a fan of watching these guys get hurt or Jackass. Goodluck

  19. MikeDunn
    18 дзён таму

    I feel like Umaga was a dick here. He could have taken it easy on these guys, being that they are not pro wrestlers.

  20. Rajat Joshi
    Rajat Joshi
    21 дзень таму

    Hey is there be in relation with u

  21. Rosie Gratz
    Rosie Gratz
    22 дні таму

    I watched this and I knew he shot on poor Stev-O but I would not have excepted anything else, love it!🤣

  22. Dmeads 56
    Dmeads 56
    22 дні таму

    I remember watching this match live, it feels like yesterday.

  23. Corbyn Belliveau
    Corbyn Belliveau
    22 дні таму

    That backflip was amazing

  24. Hello
    22 дні таму

    Ahhh....Samhain. The opening sounds of Initium playing in my head watching Steve-O and that horse nut guzzling Pontius getting beat down. HAHHHAHHAHAH. Love you guys.

  25. Holy
    23 дні таму

    And now shitmaga's dead lmfao

  26. Prophet Google
    Prophet Google
    23 дні таму


  27. toad
    23 дні таму

    Steve-o Can’t die he will be jumping off skyscrapers at 120 years old

  28. TheIncredibleMasterE
    24 дні таму

    The look on his face the whole time was just priceless. For someone who doesn't care for pro wrestling, he was up there selling it like he was born to! Even though he was high, nothin' but raw energy coming from his eyes!

    1. James Hill
      James Hill
      19 дзён таму

      Umaga made sure he would sell that shit lol he was pretty intense

  29. Just_Chell121
    24 дні таму

    I see a secret I see" van destruction"

  30. Yrvan Michel
    Yrvan Michel
    24 дні таму

    Keep up the good stuff dude. Still remember meeting you at a walgreens in boynton, super chill

  31. Porcelain Demons
    Porcelain Demons
    24 дні таму

    Chris is tweaked out ov his mind or something hahaha

  32. A R
    A R
    24 дні таму

    The laugh of the two together is something of a fond memory of child hood lol

  33. RumbleBones
    24 дні таму

    Love how Steveo laughs at pain.

  34. Rkane Gaming
    Rkane Gaming
    24 дні таму

    Dude Umaga really botched every move on them😂😂 if It's with different guys they would've been angry.

  35. Curious Wanderer
    Curious Wanderer
    24 дні таму

    What this sounds like is one of the "worked shoots" WWE is notorious for. They "accidentally" forget to tell Steve-O to stay down, but know full well Umaga will still be in kayfabe mode. So when Steve-O starts rolling around trying to get away, Umaga thinks he's trying to make him look bad by not selling his move, so he hits him hard to get the point across to stay down. (Watch Steve Austin on Hot Ones, he explains wrestlers giving "receipts" to each other when they go overboard.) Which is likely exactly what McMahon wanted to happen.

  36. Marshal Johnson
    Marshal Johnson
    25 дзён таму

    1:35 “yeaah you are on drugs” 🤣😂

  37. Jenult
    26 дзён таму

    Steve-O's face after that elbow lmao

  38. mcjon77
    26 дзён таму

    I'm pretty sure that the overlap between jackass fans and pro wrestling fans is something like 98%.

  39. Dreia
    26 дзён таму

    I love Pontius and all the stupid things he did 😅

    27 дзён таму

    Love these 2 man, Pontius is always so reserved and mysterious and then he just does something crazy extrovert you just wanna be his friend hahaha

  41. Артем Иорданян
    Артем Иорданян
    27 дзён таму

    Стив- О и Крис, я болел за вас) Надо было достать Wee man и бросить его в этого здорового парня.

  42. Brady Lewis
    Brady Lewis
    27 дзён таму

    He got beat by Pontius the Barbarian

  43. Tona Perez
    Tona Perez
    27 дзён таму

    Slam at 3:13 was personal.

  44. Canal Pimba
    Canal Pimba
    27 дзён таму

    Nando moura e Cocielo relembrando seu passado no wwe

  45. Anthony
    27 дзён таму

    “That’s not a face that I make!” You did opt to not watch the DVD’s of you making this face 😂

  46. Braddidwhatt
    27 дзён таму

    Lmao "but he had to keep doing cuz I kept moving around" 🤣

  47. Stuart Lancaster
    Stuart Lancaster
    28 дзён таму

    Thank slam at the start hahaa

  48. Retro Reptar
    Retro Reptar
    28 дзён таму

    Holy shit!! Umaga was trying to kill Steve o lmao he must have hated the jackass movies

  49. Антон Клочков
    Антон Клочков
    28 дзён таму

    а перевод есть

  50. ReddeadshotsRL
    28 дзён таму

    Good thing wwe is fake lmao

  51. slayer
    28 дзён таму


  52. Ry Walsh
    Ry Walsh
    28 дзён таму

    And look all the shit your in now because your off drugs YOU SUCK

  53. Maurice Slonne
    Maurice Slonne
    28 дзён таму

    This is a Classic

  54. qwrtyz
    29 дзён таму

    Pontius is always the coolest guy in the room.

  55. Fool for the City
    Fool for the City
    29 дзён таму

    I was never a big Jackass fan, but Steve O is hilarious!

  56. dirt poor
    dirt poor
    Месяц таму

    He didnt hit him with that normal TV wrestling. He hit um with the special enhanced ass beating wrestling.

  57. BiGBoYBLaZie2
    Месяц таму

    did anyone try and read a secret off his white board i got van destruction which everyone else robs got

  58. machew durbin
    machew durbin
    Месяц таму

    Possibly the funniest video in the web. This is what you watch on a bad day and your torn between sympathy and crying laughter

  59. Steve Schmitt
    Steve Schmitt
    Месяц таму


  60. Eduardo Guerrero
    Eduardo Guerrero
    Месяц таму

    Van destruction on the idea board??

  61. Jeff Spanton
    Jeff Spanton
    Месяц таму

    Wrestling is SHite

  62. Jeff Spanton
    Jeff Spanton
    Месяц таму

    Have you, ever been in a Killer Whale Tank ? Yank ?

  63. John Smith
    John Smith
    Месяц таму

    Why does stevo look and sound like an aged lesbian.

  64. It’s Our Life Now
    It’s Our Life Now
    Месяц таму

    Bro I was 13 when I seen this when it aired, I flipped my shit when I heard Steve-O LOL

  65. Hayz Nlove
    Hayz Nlove
    Месяц таму

    I love Steve O man 😂

  66. Mike S
    Mike S
    Месяц таму

    What was their first double team move 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣☠️

    Месяц таму

    All Masonic creepy bastard love to “shhhh”…

  68. Ricky Roberts
    Ricky Roberts
    Месяц таму

    Steve o was ment to play dead, that's why he tryed to knock him out lol, Iove Steveo and Chris, legendary bad boys

  69. baldy banchez
    baldy banchez
    Месяц таму

    Crazy how chris looks now from 2 years ago that shit is crazy he looks old af

  70. No Snitch Pyro
    No Snitch Pyro
    Месяц таму

    Why does Chris say “like” so much. I didn’t know he was a Tik Tok Millennial Liberal..

  71. David Ellis
    David Ellis
    Месяц таму

    Chris Pontius aka Party Boy!!

  72. the last emperor
    the last emperor
    Месяц таму

    No it's absolutely fake but when it comes to outsiders they take it real hard on them so they don't go around saying it's fake lol.

  73. István Szőke
    István Szőke
    Месяц таму

    Fake shit, who eats it anyway?

  74. shalevai
    Месяц таму

    Glad to see Steve-o up and running (and clean)

  75. Willy Encinas
    Willy Encinas
    Месяц таму

    I like how they went with the mentality of going in and knowing they’re gonna loose 😂😂😂

  76. Son Of Man
    Son Of Man
    Месяц таму


  77. rory Sacchetti
    rory Sacchetti
    Месяц таму

    You need to sell Stevo

  78. General Kunta
    General Kunta
    Месяц таму

    I pmsl all video

  79. Oliver Jones
    Oliver Jones
    Месяц таму

    He's off his Tits 😂

  80. Slipknot-Manson Bootleg
    Slipknot-Manson Bootleg
    Месяц таму

    which episode is this?

  81. Lotus
    Месяц таму

    "kick some ass, AND... whoop some BUTT"

  82. gu
    Месяц таму

    Fucking drug's

  83. AmateurBarbarian
    Месяц таму

    When people say wrestling is fake, I always point out that if you walked into a gym and asked a known wrestler to teach you how to wrestle, they’d usually break your arm or your leg to discourage you. That way, you’d walk away saying “say what you want, but that shit isn’t fake.”

  84. kev kazandjian
    kev kazandjian
    Месяц таму

    so the lesson of the day was when you are in the ring against umaga just play dead so he will leave you alone

  85. Richard Beathe
    Richard Beathe
    Месяц таму

    Yall gotta get on AEW with Darby

  86. Thomas Lavis
    Thomas Lavis
    Месяц таму

    Top kek 🐸☕

  87. Steve McCord
    Steve McCord
    Месяц таму

    In pro wrestling, if you no-sell, they'll MAKE you sell.

  88. Raven Strahd
    Raven Strahd
    Месяц таму

    Steve O didn't sell the finish... So he gets knocked out

  89. kingofkings040492
    Месяц таму

    Shouldn’t have no sold Umaga

  90. Sookumai Bowlz
    Sookumai Bowlz
    Месяц таму

    So many groups of teenage buddies did shit like jackass...yet only 6 dudes get to be made "famous?" Fuck mtv.

  91. David Arbelaez
    David Arbelaez
    Месяц таму

    If Steve-O was a cat how, many lives does he have left?

  92. Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia
    Месяц таму

    1:45 his laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  93. JumpinJackFlash1989
    Месяц таму

    Steve O looks ridiculous with those fake teeth. Where'd he get them? A piano?

  94. imnothere220
    Месяц таму

    The problem here is that these guys are performing whereas this other prick is intentionally hurting them out of some stupid rassler pride shit. Still, who’s left standing? It sure as shit isn’t Umaga.

  95. Aze Wo1
    Aze Wo1
    Месяц таму

    Steve-O: Hi, I’m Steve-O Chris Pontius: And I’m Chris. This is jackass Umaga:And I’m about to fuck these guys up!

  96. Rui
    Месяц таму

    The dynamic duo, Wildboyz for life. Happy to see you guys are doing well!

  97. Jesse James
    Jesse James
    Месяц таму

    Both of them was so high during the match.

  98. Seymour Cheeks
    Seymour Cheeks
    Месяц таму

    This was as good as Johnny Knoxville getting KO'd by Butterbean 🤣

  99. Jipsu mies
    Jipsu mies
    Месяц таму

    They are like unwwe versio of Miz and Morrison

  100. demo1337
    Месяц таму

    Satan worship confirmed.. Nice shirt