Tootie Raww - Homicide (Official Video) Shot by LD Visuals

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Shot by @LD Visuals & @DCvisuals


  1. niko
    11 годин таму


  2. Jackline Manu
    Jackline Manu
    5 дзён таму

    Tootie copy PY costume ( Homicide )

  3. Kevontae Smyers
    Kevontae Smyers
    23 дні таму


  4. Kevontae Smyers
    Kevontae Smyers
    23 дні таму


  5. Aaron Kisack New Orleans Hood General 🦅
    Aaron Kisack New Orleans Hood General 🦅
    25 дзён таму


  6. Gino White #SMSEnt
    Gino White #SMSEnt
    Месяц таму

    It’s the footage from the Bad Azz DVD for me. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  7. Dylan Felder
    Dylan Felder
    Месяц таму

    Need it on apple😴

  8. Kvng CharlesTv
    Kvng CharlesTv
    Месяц таму


  9. Jovon Johnson
    Jovon Johnson
    Месяц таму

    I can’t believe he’s this nice 🔥🔥🔥thoroughly impressed 😳🤯🙌🏾

  10. Clutch God tv
    Clutch God tv
    Месяц таму


  11. Dionte
    Месяц таму

    His mom and little sisters still in the hood he tryna make away for them

  12. P Yungin
    P Yungin
    Месяц таму

    Put this on Spotify 🤦🏾

  13. NFL Yung
    NFL Yung
    Месяц таму

    Boosie all ova again 💯

  14. Leroy Groce
    Leroy Groce
    Месяц таму


  15. Dimitri Harris
    Dimitri Harris
    Месяц таму


  16. Dimitri Harris
    Dimitri Harris
    Месяц таму

    Y'all run it up to 1million views 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🎙️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  17. Luige E
    Luige E
    Месяц таму

    Boosie 2.0

  18. Latrail Jones
    Latrail Jones
    Месяц таму

    Throw them 4s up tootie

  19. Kareem Jones
    Kareem Jones
    Месяц таму

    Rawwwww 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Uncle Top Dog
    Uncle Top Dog
    Месяц таму

    Only Boosie can have a hot spitting goon son like this.

  21. Corey Harper
    Corey Harper
    Месяц таму


  22. Miguel De La Rosa
    Miguel De La Rosa
    Месяц таму

    Bro imagine having all the money and luxury in the world but choosing to be a piece of sh!t

  23. Месяц таму

    🔥🔥🔥 like a modern version of boosie but wit his own flow

  24. Wild Boy
    Wild Boy
    Месяц таму

    Song cool but he needs b careful he Ain like that

  25. I4NIduval904 Teamworkmydreamwork
    I4NIduval904 Teamworkmydreamwork
    Месяц таму

    Youngest of the camp 2 lol

  26. Jon Don
    Jon Don
    Месяц таму

    Stop playin wit Tootie Its Up

  27. Gods Creation
    Gods Creation
    Месяц таму

    This beat raw af and he snapped 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. imnotgaynomore
    Месяц таму

    lol yall cant do that shit on no playground

  29. 1GanstAssYungin
    Месяц таму

    Dis song hard asf but im round his age and aint have a daddy to get me out of nothin i would do whatever to have what that nigga have money dont buy happiness but when you hungry starving it fasho do

  30. HeatSeekerz1k
    Месяц таму

    Lil buddy got it in his bloodline

  31. Bawstin
    Месяц таму

    Why tho? You're rich.

  32. E3
    Месяц таму

    Lil raw gonna be the goat next year💯

  33. Jose
    Месяц таму


    Месяц таму

    I mean it’s fucked up but what did we expect it’s a Boosie!

  35. Chasinmoneyed Scruggs
    Chasinmoneyed Scruggs
    Месяц таму

    Jaydayoungan wrote this remember I said it

  36. Dee Pee
    Dee Pee
    Месяц таму

    Throw 4s up is TBG so he's already going against the grain . Horrible tootsie pop ain't even in the street he needs some chocolate milk to cool his ass down

  37. Weenie In A Bun
    Weenie In A Bun
    Месяц таму

    Boosie failed as a father smh

  38. Nickoy Freguson
    Nickoy Freguson
    Месяц таму


  39. Dalords Will
    Dalords Will
    Месяц таму

    He suck no cap I'm so tired of hearing the same killer killer ABC rap

  40. TraveyonTV
    Месяц таму

    He finally drop this song ❤️

  41. Maurice J
    Maurice J
    Месяц таму

    Whoever put the 👎 just just a fucking hater tootie really 🔥🔥💯

  42. Elijah Reilly
    Elijah Reilly
    Месяц таму

    Tootsie is a killer 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  43. Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez
    Месяц таму

    toootie my new go to artist. 🥶

  44. Brandon Campbell
    Brandon Campbell
    Месяц таму

    Wasup wit allat orange shyt

  45. trying to get there
    trying to get there
    Месяц таму

    I ain’t hating and I can’t say they can’t make this shit happen. Ain’t my son and we all know his daddy story. From my understanding u never lived and don’t have to be in the streets. Yo father made sure of that. Y do u have to rap about this shit.

  46. Ceo:famous.jadaboo
    Месяц таму


  47. Ace Pirate
    Ace Pirate
    Месяц таму

    Get it lil tootle

  48. TJ Grace
    TJ Grace
    Месяц таму


  49. Cleveland Smith
    Cleveland Smith
    Месяц таму

    Was that flavor flave

  50. Yolo Prince
    Yolo Prince
    Месяц таму

    Everybody he on his way man what he there all ready ❄️❄️❄️❄️🔥🔥🔥

  51. johnnie peterson
    johnnie peterson
    Месяц таму


  52. L.G.U. Marv
    L.G.U. Marv
    Месяц таму

    Is that a 1911 😂 what he know about that

  53. Charles Trueblood
    Charles Trueblood
    Месяц таму


  54. Jon Doe
    Jon Doe
    Месяц таму

    The vaxxine is the mark of the beast don't take it

  55. Keithy ABB
    Keithy ABB
    Месяц таму

    Shit goes, I just don't understand why he making music like this.

    1. Melodic ♪
      Melodic ♪
      Месяц таму

      @Gehtdich Nixan he's dissing tbg who have a beef with bbg and his dad is wildside bbg he's dissing lil ivy son (lil ivy the founder of tbg who's dead) it's basically inherited hatred

    2. Gehtdich Nixan
      Gehtdich Nixan
      Месяц таму

      @Jason Waterfalls but he not

    3. Jason Waterfalls
      Jason Waterfalls
      Месяц таму

      Cause his dad a gangsta

  56. TopDawg187
    Месяц таму

    Raww Snapped🔥🔥🔥

  57. Make It Happen MiH
    Make It Happen MiH
    Месяц таму

    Run em down like I play for the Y. Cma 🔥

    Месяц таму

    Let's Go Nephew 🔥🔥

  59. Dusse -
    Dusse -
    Месяц таму

    Ay this shi lowk go Stoopid🤣 lil boosee

  60. Boo Newell
    Boo Newell
    Месяц таму

    Like father like son...🔥🔥 Keep that shit up tootie...

  61. Ameer Rockeymore
    Ameer Rockeymore
    Месяц таму


    Месяц таму


  63. GGF Socket
    GGF Socket
    Месяц таму

    Everybody need to stop bringing up bossie name when it's clearly tootie Raw!!!! We talking about.... Godd daamnnn. And yes i do Love boosie but Let tootie Raw name shine!!!!

  64. DeeGotBandz SYCH
    DeeGotBandz SYCH
    Месяц таму

    this nigga sum else frfr👹💯🖤 Real BR Shi

  65. Sky Boy
    Sky Boy
    Месяц таму

    Better than your daddy.... Next Von #LLVROY

  66. Chris Williams
    Chris Williams
    Месяц таму

    Torrence hatch offspring....I salute young'm going to run it....59 north and south I-10 west to east....LA up the west coast

  67. dead inside
    dead inside
    Месяц таму

    just better pray all that money ya daddy gave you save you. cuz you tryna live ya daddy life and we all see it

  68. Shamelle Jonhson
    Shamelle Jonhson
    Месяц таму

    The kids today DNT have a clue it more to life then what y'all trying to b don't know parents want to see the kids in jail are going to visit them in the graveyard they need to stop living for social media because at the end of the day they don't give a f*** about you

  69. Daniel Byas
    Daniel Byas
    Месяц таму

    Spoon-fed lil thug 🤡🤡 smh

  70. Tub Rock
    Tub Rock
    Месяц таму

    That’s Boosie son?

  71. Davisbaby843 Mill
    Davisbaby843 Mill
    Месяц таму

    Shit sad cuz lil dog ain't gotta be doing this type of shit smdh

  72. Bhuwan Jethi
    Bhuwan Jethi
    Месяц таму

    He 💯 looks like dady...

  73. Toppopp
    Месяц таму😬🔥

  74. Romes Palace
    Romes Palace
    Месяц таму


  75. Samantha Rivera
    Samantha Rivera
    Месяц таму

    That cash ent dude needa bring you to Texas with him 😍

  76. The Big Skitt
    The Big Skitt
    Месяц таму

    mans got a m4 from call of duty MW lol

  77. KingLucious 400
    KingLucious 400
    Месяц таму

    throw dem 4z up

  78. Heem OfficialYoutube
    Heem OfficialYoutube
    Месяц таму

    tootie went tf in

  79. Groku 4.2.0
    Groku 4.2.0
    Месяц таму

    Y he got them Hoover flags?

    1. Swisher b
      Swisher b
      Месяц таму

      Louisiana use color flags for they cliques.

  80. 一大
    Месяц таму

    I’m a penguin but I feel like a fish I’m a wolf but I reside in sheep’s clothing I’m a man but I wanna be a woman I’m a hood savage but I grew up in the most beautiful gated community in a 3+ story house 🙄

  81. DEE CHOSEN 33
    Месяц таму

    I think people forgetting this kids grew up in the hood especially during the most important part of their lives when they was growing up while Boosie was locked up

    1. Elijah Reilly
      Elijah Reilly
      Месяц таму

      Cap always sliver 🥄

    2. Mister Money
      Mister Money
      Месяц таму

      @一大 yeah he made it out..why not be happy being successful and staying away from that stuff?wanting to be in the hood is a mental disorder.

    3. DEE CHOSEN 33
      DEE CHOSEN 33
      Месяц таму

      @一大 yes he did damn fool

    4. 一大
      Месяц таму

      No he didn’t. And even then, that doesn’t excuse everything.

  82. Savanimal C-port
    Savanimal C-port
    Месяц таму

    Lil ivy jr way harder no 🧢

  83. Twinner_G 88
    Twinner_G 88
    Месяц таму

    Father like son.. This shit went stupid HARD!! Tootie killed this track! #STAYSTRAPPED

  84. ernest Lawrence
    ernest Lawrence
    Месяц таму

    Oh lil raww mean with it 🔥 🔥 🔥

  85. Queen4Life !
    Queen4Life !
    Месяц таму


  86. James Phillips
    James Phillips
    Месяц таму

    Tootie better stay out of jail

  87. Jazariya Mcfadden
    Jazariya Mcfadden
    Месяц таму

    I stay out there way he did vid at 📍.. Nocap i like this song

  88. Z. Sheff
    Z. Sheff
    Месяц таму

    dumpster juice

  89. Mud Babies
    Mud Babies
    Месяц таму

  90. Mud Babies
    Mud Babies
    Месяц таму

  91. Agosto Family2x
    Agosto Family2x
    Месяц таму


  92. Pardy mo
    Pardy mo
    Месяц таму

    He might be tougher than his daddy

  93. Brandon Davenport
    Brandon Davenport
    Месяц таму

    Lil Tootie doing his thang 💯💪🏾

    Месяц таму

    This is very hard

  95. CHO DA BOY
    Месяц таму


  96. 817IVEN
    Месяц таму


  97. Mud Babies
    Mud Babies
    Месяц таму

    i reacted to this😤link here

  98. Don Saint Francis
    Don Saint Francis
    Месяц таму

    To the sky aye!

  99. Groundhog Chomping On Pizza
    Groundhog Chomping On Pizza
    Месяц таму

    We don’t believe you in the streets bro

  100. Jamal Adams
    Jamal Adams
    Месяц таму

    YB got the culture