GTA Online Casino Heist: Stealing Diamonds $3,619,000 | Silent & Sneaky (Elite & Hard Mode)

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Stealing the 4th Loot Variation of GTA Online Casino Heist where you steal Diamonds from the Diamond Casino Vault using the Silent & Sneaky Stealth approach. This loot variation is also tied to The Collector achievement. The potential Heist Take on Hard mode for diamonds is 3,619,000. We managed to get elite challenge as well for an extra $100k.

Check the Panther Statue loot of Cayo Perico Heist

My crew members:
BroMuhRank -

A small correction in the video I showed Avii as hacker but in our actual heist we went for Paige instead.

0:00 - Lester's excitement over Diamonds
0:56 - Our prep setup and Heist Potential/Player Take
1:16 - Diamond Casino Heist


  1. IsuckAtDriving
    Год таму

    Keep in mind that we are aiming for the Elite Challenge here which is to complete the Heist in under 15 minutes and we barely got it with 6 seconds to spare. There is a reason why we didn't go to the sewers or get the daily vault because we are against the clock. Also showcase the 5th loot variation Panther Statue for Cayo Perico Heist:

    1. zamil ahtar.
      zamil ahtar.
      16 дзён таму


    2. TOG-3 official
      TOG-3 official
      27 дзён таму

      @Eddie klinko if you have a number pad, keys 8,4,5 and 6 are used to bank the helicopter in different directions 8 - forwards 4 - left 5 - backwards 6 - right

    3. SoLeil
      29 дзён таму


    4. xx7tricksxx7
      2 месяцы таму

      We done under 15 on cayo

    5. zaivas bane
      zaivas bane
      3 месяцы таму

      Boòoooooo unsub him

  2. sofiy shaw
    sofiy shaw
    6 дзён таму

    i just misss snow season :)

  3. Beef Feet
    Beef Feet
    6 дзён таму

    I never noticed until now that Lester literally never shuts the fuck up

  4. Freesmart
    6 дзён таму

    Is it bad I like Payday 2 more when it comes to heists

  5. omarfarrelmusic
    6 дзён таму

    I love gta 5͠

  6. Duckshoe -
    Duckshoe -
    7 дзён таму

    Real fucking annoying while driving, and specific reason you had to keep putting the camera to the side

  7. BindingBlade
    7 дзён таму

    All that for 1mil the submarine makes that in 10mins???

  8. requefis jr.
    requefis jr.
    7 дзён таму

    all that for 1.1 mil jeez the cayo is way more worth your time and effor

  9. Quann
    7 дзён таму

    Bruh thats How you get away in a Heists use a helicopter

    7 дзён таму

    👆👆👆I don't really do this but I need to appreciate the name above. I just got a modded account from him at a very cheaper price I doubted him at first but he really proved me wrong.

  11. William me to juice bite Massie
    William me to juice bite Massie
    8 дзён таму

    You guys only missed 1 diamond wow guys.

  12. Landon Desanta
    Landon Desanta
    8 дзён таму

    Yo I’m doing this heist first heist ima do that I start so claim yo spot here

    1. brick medusa 6080
      brick medusa 6080
      5 дзён таму

      @Landon Desanta bruh how's that possible no Facebook insta?? I'm just saying it to message you when I'm ready and stuff don't worry my insta account is private won't try to interfere in your account

    2. Landon Desanta
      Landon Desanta
      5 дзён таму

      I don’t have one

    3. Landon Desanta
      Landon Desanta
      5 дзён таму

      Social media

    4. Landon Desanta
      Landon Desanta
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    5. brick medusa 6080
      brick medusa 6080
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      @Landon Desanta ok Monday then but give me some social media account of yours

  13. dajanique Shaw 254
    dajanique Shaw 254
    9 дзён таму

    Who got a heist we can run?

  14. BubeAK37
    9 дзён таму

    Hacker noobs wont get the satisfaction

  15. Harris ERA
    Harris ERA
    10 дзён таму

    Heist squad registration - (XBOX below) ~Add Harrissed for acceptation in heist grinding.

  16. snows WI
    snows WI
    10 дзён таму

    Why are they jumping every three stepss

  17. Fresh Loco
    Fresh Loco
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  18. Esjan Veselaj
    Esjan Veselaj
    11 дзён таму

    Im level 8000

  19. Elias Rudkowski
    Elias Rudkowski
    12 дзён таму

    You can buy with that one car xD

  20. Ali Mazloum
    Ali Mazloum
    12 дзён таму

    Dude my team dont knaw what sneaky means and no body knaws haw to hack the place that have gold we only took 600 k 😂😂

  21. Fernando
    12 дзён таму

    Damn that was good, I was on my nerves the whole time watching this, I could have almost triggered the alarms... 😂

  22. Bunny Mehra
    Bunny Mehra
    13 дзён таму

    why the fuck they are jumping so much?

  23. Kaan Dogu
    Kaan Dogu
    13 дзён таму

    You fucking hit 4 million and you still say thanks rockstar... I've been fucking trying to do ONE HEIST ONLY FUCKING ONE HEIST since 2 days. I either get a leaver or kids that don't know how to play the heist or they think they know better but they shit as fuck. What the fuck is this dude. Or either rockstar kicks me out of the session. I'm about to uninstall the game...

  24. Brandon
    13 дзён таму

    Imagine Lester shutting the fuck up Jesus Christ he’s irritating

  25. Ewka Marchewka
    Ewka Marchewka
    13 дзён таму

    So smoth

  26. Thirteen
    13 дзён таму

    why tf does Paige gets so much money.

  27. patriotic ford
    patriotic ford
    14 дзён таму

    Okay so I have a question when you get done robbing the diamond casino do you get to go back in and do your daily free spins or does that disappear when you rob it can anybody help me

  28. Jonathan White
    Jonathan White
    14 дзён таму

    They make it look so easy, we get spotted as soon as we come through the first metal detector

  29. Isaac Names
    Isaac Names
    14 дзён таму

    ISuckAtDriving, but RockAtStealing

  30. MacroFei
    15 дзён таму

    Making 9MILLIONS Just Under 1 Hour In Gta Online,But How ??

  31. MacroFei
    15 дзён таму

    Making 9MILLIONS Just Under 1 Hour In Gta Online,But How ??

  32. MacroFei
    15 дзён таму

    Making 9MILLIONS Just Under 1 Hour In Gta Online,But How ??

  33. Diego Chairez
    Diego Chairez
    15 дзён таму

    q pro

  34. God YT 2
    God YT 2
    15 дзён таму

    What Do Thanks R Mean 13:14

  35. God YT 2
    God YT 2
    15 дзён таму

    I’m suprised u didn’t do infiltration suits setup

  36. CanadianSpaceCat
    16 дзён таму

    What If your gta online character is related to your rd2 characatr

  37. Michael Young
    Michael Young
    16 дзён таму

    I don't understand why they was jumping so much

  38. Natha odedra
    Natha odedra
    16 дзён таму

    GTA 5

  39. Ya Dad's Precum
    Ya Dad's Precum
    16 дзён таму

    How rare are diamonds? I managed to get them 3times in early 2020 Jan. When they forced the diamond spawn for a full week. Then only gold, cash, art since. 1 out 100 chance? Cause my mates use to grind this shit 12heists a week

  40. Indira Sinjal
    Indira Sinjal
    17 дзён таму

    Man diamond casino was probably the most fun heist I’d ever done (not preps they pissed me off) now we just do Cayo’ which gets us money faster but it doesn’t have that thrill to it like the casino heist

  41. joker
    17 дзён таму

    hi brother how are you cool videos

  42. BBgunBOI
    17 дзён таму

    its amazing how smooth this went

  43. Reden Salh
    Reden Salh
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  44. Osamh_ x_ka_x
    Osamh_ x_ka_x
    18 дзён таму

    ما قدرت اخلصها كلها تهكير وقرف واخر شيء يبقى مبلغ زهيد اغلب مال يطيح تقريبا جمعناه 700000 وخلص وقت وعلى نهاية مهمة ما بقى غير 400000 قسمها على 3 طفسه وحتى قيم علق وما كمل

  45. Blake Rushton
    Blake Rushton
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    Dogman1116499 name

  46. Blake Rushton
    Blake Rushton
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    Can l with you please l need money

  47. Nattalie Hudson
    Nattalie Hudson
    18 дзён таму

    How do you get diamonds? Everytime ive done this its paintings cash or gold???

  48. Das Butterstulle HD
    Das Butterstulle HD
    19 дзён таму

    are the diamonds guaranteed or am I unlucky?

  49. hey siri tell me a cool profile name
    hey siri tell me a cool profile name
    19 дзён таму

    when i do this heist i barely scrape up half a mil

  50. Dio
    19 дзён таму

    You said 3 million and 600k but it’s under 600k so you capping

  51. Ryan Houghton
    Ryan Houghton
    19 дзён таму

    Cayo Perico is better

  52. Emma Luksus Msp
    Emma Luksus Msp
    19 дзён таму

    *1 dead guy at a time*

  53. Chris Boddie
    Chris Boddie
    19 дзён таму

    Xbox one.....add me Sticcman83

  54. Wallace Medeiros
    Wallace Medeiros
    20 дзён таму

    It's hard to get a good team of 3 like this.

  55. Preston-gaming
    20 дзён таму

    Comment on fait se braquage

  56. Dmax 123
    Dmax 123
    20 дзён таму

    Listening to Lester's voice all the damn time... makes my head hurts

  57. NGB
    20 дзён таму

  58. collin589
    20 дзён таму

    Why are they constantly jumping while they run. So annoying lol

  59. Used
    21 дзень таму

    The hardest Heist bruh i can’t complete it with randoms.

  60. Familie Prinz
    Familie Prinz
    21 дзень таму

    Good work

  61. TheCramSalesman
    21 дзень таму

    My guy over here giving them 15% of the cut

  62. Kajgo
    21 дзень таму

    How to have diamonds? i always have golds, or pictures or cash

  63. Mike Flores
    Mike Flores
    21 дзень таму

    Why is there snow??

  64. TheOnlineGam4r
    22 дні таму

    u lose so much time to get in in helicopter

  65. mountain man
    mountain man
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  66. RATS 4 LIFE
    22 дні таму

    Imagine if this whole comment section does a heist with each other with 5 star police and tanks that would be fun

  67. Chris Nicholls
    Chris Nicholls
    22 дні таму

    I just got to this and didn't realise you couldn't do it solo f%₩k

  68. cool guy like a soul guy
    cool guy like a soul guy
    22 дні таму

    Ur team is good lol

  69. Brandon Camargo
    Brandon Camargo
    22 дні таму

    Nice video. But I had to stop watching cuz the constant jumping is really annoying

    22 дні таму

    nice one bro

  71. Josh Joshua
    Josh Joshua
    23 дні таму

    Scott Malone you coming back when you coming back at 1 let you know you want to coming back to dinner's almost ready come back to the new group home today

    1. Josh Joshua
      Josh Joshua
      23 дні таму

      Jckxfuxk list today today is Wednesday the 19th w Ffkddjfkdkdjfxifjkfifsitkhidifkfidkfuuxkfuudkduffdkfugdxidfifxfifxxifffddidiifudifififfxidkdkxdifudskdufzkfifdofusodudsidididfisiffisdffisidifdsidfiisifsidifisosofiffsidifudiftifufdfhdjfydffddifufd

  72. Sushitrash
    23 дні таму

    O cara é brabo demais

  73. Abinash Pandey
    Abinash Pandey
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    Why tf u people keep jumping for no fuc*in reason.

    1. Msuni ❼
      Msuni ❼
      22 дні таму

      Faster way to move inside.

  74. Bukalemun
    23 дні таму

    fun fact: you walk faster in casino by walking using fps mode

  75. Alehandro_ FL3X3R
    Alehandro_ FL3X3R
    23 дні таму

    it sucks before payday 2

  76. specture X
    specture X
    23 дні таму

    One diamond in real life : 20.000.000$ A lot of diamonds in gta 3.000.000$

  77. Alan Estuardo Chirinos
    Alan Estuardo Chirinos
    23 дні таму

    Al estilo GTA San Andrés

  78. Scooter
    23 дні таму

    Me with a buddy, no mics duo: this video Me with randoms on Cayo Perico: barely make it to the compound at critical health and no armor

  79. mc_gabriel_rock
    23 дні таму

    ALL that Just for 100k rockstar really want you buy damn sharkcards

  80. Modelscissors64
    24 дні таму

    One dead guy at a time. * hits biker*

  81. Seviмама Sevi
    Seviмама Sevi
    24 дні таму

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  82. Osmopro gamer
    Osmopro gamer
    24 дні таму

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  83. Muerto
    24 дні таму

    Look at how much more easier this game is when it runs above 15 frames a second like on console lmao

  84. Aukse Kriauciuniene
    Aukse Kriauciuniene
    24 дні таму

    Gets shot R*:your (thing that you're robbing) got damaged and you lose health. Trips on a pebble R*:you lost hardly any damage now pay $4000 and dont pass go.

  85. Games of Rodger
    Games of Rodger
    25 дзён таму

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  86. Luis Rivera Langton
    Luis Rivera Langton
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  87. AhmedxBelal
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  88. Alive_by_daylight1
    25 дзён таму

    All u got was 1mil????? Wow I’m so glad I stoping doing casino and did cayo for anyone that is still doing casino stop it’s not worth doing 10 prep missions just for 800k-1.2m not worth it at all

  89. Eddy Lowtek
    Eddy Lowtek
    26 дзён таму

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  90. Christopher Pinnick
    Christopher Pinnick
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  91. ꧁QxZ Matiq꧂
    ꧁QxZ Matiq꧂
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  92. tehirli tren
    tehirli tren
    26 дзён таму

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  93. Yng High Top777
    Yng High Top777
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  94. Ilker Turkmen
    Ilker Turkmen
    27 дзён таму

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  95. keptick
    27 дзён таму

    That was perfect execution, really amazing. How many times did you guys have to do it to get to this point?

  96. Luke Hammer
    Luke Hammer
    27 дзён таму

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  97. Wewvuen
    27 дзён таму

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  98. Ziad Elkhalil
    Ziad Elkhalil
    27 дзён таму


  99. orxanplayer
    27 дзён таму

    People in 2020:This diamond heist is nuts I am gonna spam it whole day People in 2021:This diamond heist is useless who would care about it lol

  100. Kimhok Choeng
    Kimhok Choeng
    28 дзён таму

    This is so intense 😂