BLACK WIDOW BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Black Widow follows Natasha Romanoff after Captain America Civil War, in a mission with Yelena Belova against Taskmaster to bring down the Red Room. Erik Voss breaks down all the Marvel Easter Eggs and details you missed in this film. Could Melina aka Iron Maiden have had a secret agenda in the final mission? Who are all the worldwide widows on Dreykov’s screen in the Red Room?

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  1. Aiden McGhee
    Aiden McGhee
    23 години таму

    what i missed is watching a good movie

  2. vlv cofmoral
    vlv cofmoral
    Дзень таму

    i love faye more than you love anything, georgio

  3. Rishab Bandhu
    Rishab Bandhu
    2 дні таму

    POV: vibing when the intro played even though the girls were literally stripped of free will.

  4. Jurassic Battle Droid
    Jurassic Battle Droid
    2 дні таму

    16:16 😳

  5. samgeez
    5 дзён таму

    Jeremy Renner renovated/flipped houses before he became an actor.

  6. Fox Hero
    Fox Hero
    5 дзён таму

    The movie was fine but did we really needed it. The best thing about it was Red Guardian.

  7. TheTanMaster
    7 дзён таму

    I actually noticed something on the suit of Taskmaster. It is like Antman's helmet from the first movie of Antman before he changed it to become 2 pieces.

  8. Joe Parker
    Joe Parker
    7 дзён таму

    The knife drop was also used in the Game of Thrones when Arya Kills the White Walker King(?)...

  9. Collin Walker
    Collin Walker
    8 дзён таму

    What if instead of Steve Rogers, the red guardian fought Isaiah Bradley when he said captain America

  10. Jessie H
    Jessie H
    8 дзён таму

    Movie was trash

  11. alex cook
    alex cook
    8 дзён таму

    the knife drop, other hand catch may be a slight game of thrones nod too, no?

  12. Sparrowpelt 20XX
    Sparrowpelt 20XX
    9 дзён таму

    It was pretty cool watching the beginning of the movie since it was film in my hometown of Rome, GA. Our bridge with its American flag all lit up was neat to see on the big screen.

  13. Lightning Volt
    Lightning Volt
    12 дзён таму

    The worst MCU Movie I've seen, and I've watched Endgame

  14. Kieron Cooper
    Kieron Cooper
    12 дзён таму

    Im from the UK. But i use the Heisenberg app on my Smart TV you can watch anything from around the world.

  15. 13 дзён таму

    The prisoner that doubted red guardian is it’s major

  16. gitrog
    14 дзён таму

    I’m surprised y’all missed probably the most significant tattoo Red Guardian had in prison, which said Natasha and Jelena

  17. DELTAPisaMF
    14 дзён таму

    I legitimately loved this movie. I’m not understanding why so many people are negative about it.

  18. Meowscles
    15 дзён таму

    Red guardians fight with cap could have been against isiah bradlee

  19. Khronic
    15 дзён таму

    Guess what. I live near where Buddy Holly’s plane crashed. So HA!

  20. Mehmet Gorgun
    Mehmet Gorgun
    15 дзён таму

    This movie gave nothing interesting or tied to anything other then Hawkeye series. I was expecting a Budapest connection with Barton or maybe Nat comeback from the dead clue. Not to mention they butchered Taskmaster. Might be the weakest MCU movie i've seen to date.

  21. Jthanson
    15 дзён таму

    Arya stark used that same move to kill the night king

  22. pyro-cat
    16 дзён таму

    Natasha: whistles Negan: whistles back

  23. Tim Conley
    Tim Conley
    17 дзён таму

    Was there a bet to see how many times you could say TaskMaster???? My goodness..haha

  24. Zeeky
    18 дзён таму

    This might be my least favorite marvel movie I like all the others btw

  25. Monster man JKD
    Monster man JKD
    19 дзён таму

    9:38 it’s not technically a scissors move it’s actually called a hurricanranna

  26. Blurr TheLegend
    Blurr TheLegend
    20 дзён таму

    I have to disagree with Erik when he says Melina likely had an agenda. Drakoff may have been bad, but he clearly was not stupid, and I don’t know that I think Melina would have thought to put security cameras in the engine room, but Drakoff would have thought to do this in case he ever had another Black Widow agent go rogue like Natasha did.

  27. Christy H
    Christy H
    20 дзён таму

    Yo the level of details u get into. I almost felt like I didn’t watch the movie

  28. Raj Mehta
    Raj Mehta
    20 дзён таму

    I mean technically Black Widow would have come before Loki and in this film too though just for brief time Melina says about "free will" and then all of it comes back in loki

  29. Jay P.
    Jay P.
    21 дзень таму

    I can't be the only person who thought the answer to the Hangman game was 'Butthole"

  30. Starr Darrisaw
    Starr Darrisaw
    21 дзень таму

    This was beyond helpful I’m Huge marvel fan but I was confused on some parts

  31. Miranda Miller
    Miranda Miller
    22 дні таму

    TaskMaster was awful. I wish they would’ve kept the organic nature of the powers. And don’t ever put Nat with Bruce. That relationship had no chemistry and was so forced.

  32. Daniel Monge
    Daniel Monge
    22 дні таму

    Ok, about the fight between Red Guardian and Cap, how about this…he says its when he was on ice, BUT what about he did fight Cap, but the Cap that went back in time and lived a life in the shadows, but still did some things to fight bad guys…think about it…THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  33. Jude daniels
    Jude daniels
    22 дні таму

    They named hopper alixie

  34. Stress Nugget
    Stress Nugget
    23 дні таму

    Before the intro sequence, in the airport, on of the sisters had a MLP plushie (Twilight Sparkle ), but Twilight MLP Generation (Gen 4) will be coming in 2010. Making That Twilight Plushie a Mistake in the Movie. As a Brony, I find that very funny.

  35. Logan Demar
    Logan Demar
    23 дні таму

    Jesus loves you and is coming soon❤️❤️❤️

  36. DogeKing
    24 дні таму


  37. VenomGirl
    24 дні таму

    I saw this movie in theaters and Black Widow was just badass👍

  38. iiAmKadel
    24 дні таму

    A black widow from wakanda

  39. Qidn
    25 дзён таму

    11:38 the word butterfly can indicate the butterfly effect, every small thing happened turned out to this big fight with the General Also, Red Skull only named the parents of them that are alive, gamoras biological parents died and Thanos didnt. Maybe hinting that Ivan is alive

  40. Matt Xero
    Matt Xero
    25 дзён таму

    Could Alexei have technically met Cap? When Cap returns to the past to live out his days with Peggy it's not totally out of the question, especially as Steve would feel guilty standing by if a threat happened while there weren't really any active Avengers at the time

  41. Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog
    25 дзён таму

    What about the Ursa Major Easter egg

  42. Holly Hooligan
    Holly Hooligan
    25 дзён таму

    Ivan? Not an MCU mystery argh Petrovich!

  43. Edward Hernandez
    Edward Hernandez
    25 дзён таму

    That vest storyline was so stupid.

  44. Claire Griffiths
    Claire Griffiths
    26 дзён таму

    also no Widows in the secluded state of Tasmania in Australia

  45. Jackie Woodham
    Jackie Woodham
    26 дзён таму

    notice how when they sit at the table at melena's house its the same as at the beginning at there house

  46. BrntVanilla 永遠SoneOnceTWICE
    BrntVanilla 永遠SoneOnceTWICE
    28 дзён таму

    Idk if this was just a coincidence, but the tattoo artist in the prison had a pretty bug spider tattoo on his neck, might've been a black widow but I just thought it was a nice detail.

  47. DaRealBruizr
    29 дзён таму

    CGI was meh

  48. MUSICX
    29 дзён таму


  49. MUSICX
    29 дзён таму


  50. BobIsSomething
    29 дзён таму


  51. Ayeng Mapun
    Ayeng Mapun
    29 дзён таму

    Lol i thought the kid playing young Natasha kinda look like Alice from Resident Evil..No wonder..

  52. Ludit Water
    Ludit Water
    Месяц таму

    Futurama Season 7 Episode 9 Clockwork Origin. A Pterodactyl grabs Fry and flies away. 11m14s he says... "This is a cool way to die." as he is flown away. I see you Marvel.

  53. lley ley
    lley ley
    Месяц таму

    Just finish watching the movie and didn't like it to much drama but the suicide squad on the other hand is the best

  54. Doom fan 2000
    Doom fan 2000
    Месяц таму

    The movie was amazing and I loved it.

  55. Alex Riptide
    Alex Riptide
    Месяц таму

    I wish they had dived more deeply into the trauma Yelena experienced. It felt like they were just trying to tie up Natasha's story and introduce Yelena as cleanly as possible

  56. MrWorldWide
    Месяц таму

    Ayyy yo where's my Ohio gang tho

  57. I'm PG
    I'm PG
    Месяц таму

    The beginning 45 minutes were a bit of a slog, but after that, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

  58. Emily Walker
    Emily Walker
    Месяц таму

    Daughter of Ivan... you mentioned an Ivan. The character played by Mickey Rourke

  59. Hazell Vasquez
    Hazell Vasquez
    Месяц таму

    I just wanted a description of the intro ....

  60. mike swiental
    mike swiental
    Месяц таму

    good movie

  61. Andy Marlow
    Andy Marlow
    Месяц таму

    You missed the bit where he arm wrestles Ursa, the big Bear.. likely the first appearance we've seen of a mutant in this MCU!

  62. Kingdomgirl 3333
    Kingdomgirl 3333
    Месяц таму

    The movie hit quite a somber note for me in the way that it was mirroring the real life problem with you girls/women being over powered and used, specifically for sex trafficking. It makes me so upset that this is how the world is. Marvel did a good job at showing this.

  63. Jordan Hutton
    Jordan Hutton
    Месяц таму

    Am I the only one that's disappointed with taskmaster?

  64. Lolzguyl
    Месяц таму

    10:00: Kip-ups*

  65. MysticBean420
    Месяц таму

    One of Alexei’s other tattoos have Natasha and Yelena written in Russian on his right shoulder.

  66. Alex Gall
    Alex Gall
    Месяц таму

    Who plays Black Widow in this one cause ScarJo died in endgame? Ellen Degeneres?

    1. Cupids 5210
      Cupids 5210
      Месяц таму

      Black Widow is before endgame, just tht they release after endgame.. which is play by Scarlett Johansson

  67. Fire Ace
    Fire Ace
    Месяц таму

    I actually live 100m away from the place they filmed in in Morocco

  68. Mcttwist
    Месяц таму

    I was wondering when Red Guardian was talking about fighting Captain America if it could’ve been Isaiah Bradley or more likely a super soldier made from his blood samples

  69. R
    Месяц таму

    Yes I miss those deatils😭... Can't wait to see them again

  70. Cupids 5210
    Cupids 5210
    Месяц таму

    oh my... so detail ahha

  71. Wykqs Fftntd
    Wykqs Fftntd
    Месяц таму

    The murky sunday intrestingly laugh because knot biomechanically work among a keen bucket. nondescript, curvy karate

  72. corps
    Месяц таму

    the actors definitely carried the movie, unfortunately the writing nearing the end was kinda whack and the cgi fight was sad. i was disappointed with the director and the writers probably, then again it looks like marvel didn't give two shits for this movie.

  73. Alex Mckinney
    Alex Mckinney
    Месяц таму

    What Redskull means by "Natasha daughter of Ivan" I think he knows Romanof is a black widow. Just what I think

  74. Hannah
    Месяц таму

    He does renovate houses, doesn’t he? 🤔😂

  75. Mylan Maag
    Mylan Maag
    Месяц таму

    Deathlok also had a type of fight analysis if I remember correctly AOS

  76. The Narrator
    The Narrator
    Месяц таму

    I reckon that red guardian fought the Isaiah Bradley cap in the 80s

  77. Christian Charles
    Christian Charles
    Месяц таму

    I like the montage/pre credits in the beginning of the movie. They should definitely do more.

  78. David Pinker
    David Pinker
    Месяц таму

    Wait a second shouldn’t the gator Loki shirt be Lacoste not polo

  79. James Fenton
    James Fenton
    Месяц таму

    Hey can someone tell me they ran away only for their parents to hand them over and the beginning of the movie also why are superhero’s like red gradian and iron maiden are working with the red room

  80. The gurl Haley
    The gurl Haley
    Месяц таму

    That pic is so good of the kid natasha actor

  81. Zion Trask
    Zion Trask
    Месяц таму

    They ruined taskmaster in this movie

  82. BananaBread6
    Месяц таму

    19:18 idk why it’s funny when villains declare their plan and wonder why they lose lol

  83. Sinclair Myhre
    Sinclair Myhre
    Месяц таму

    I want to hear the professionals (cough couch @NewRockstars) explain their theories on how Natasha got away from the caravan at the end.

  84. Месяц таму

    Loki: "Can you wipe out that much red? Black widow's hair in infinity war had no red, idk what it mean tho...

  85. Merenwen Greenleaf
    Merenwen Greenleaf
    Месяц таму

    I wish they would have given us a flash back scene of Natasha's and Bucky's past

  86. Artemis
    Месяц таму

    The movie was the most realistic mcu film. No supers

  87. Ben Richardson
    Ben Richardson
    Месяц таму

    15:07 - bit of a comment on this. Is it possible for the post-endgame cap to have encountered red guardian whilst not creating a paradox for the “sacred” timeline whilst the pre-endgame cap was still in cryosleep? Food for thought. Loved David Harbour in this either way.

  88. Jake
    Месяц таму

    I've been waiting years....

  89. A Toyota Vehicle
    A Toyota Vehicle
    Месяц таму

    Just watched it

  90. Dominic Newby
    Dominic Newby
    Месяц таму

    i have a funny story... i happened to watch it while I had no wifi so I could not watch erik have fun but in the cinema with was one other family the dad kept laughing at almost every word and his laugh was more of a squeal and a hiccup. it was great but I could barely retain my laughter. fun experience tho

    Месяц таму

    19:26 Taskmaster didn’t re-sedate him, it was a random red room solider.

    Месяц таму

    I found it kind of funny in the third act when Red Guardian was taking Taskmaster’s shield with him.

  93. Theo Morgan
    Theo Morgan
    Месяц таму

    Wade Wilson was mentioned by General Ross

  94. Kash Money
    Kash Money
    Месяц таму

    Im surprised you didnt bring up the Champagne and caviar detail they added. Really cute

  95. iMissMyGamecube
    Месяц таму

    vpn is not fast. took my 300mbps to 20

  96. Tobey M
    Tobey M
    Месяц таму

    I feel like I’m complete after this

  97. King Solomon
    King Solomon
    Месяц таму

    The prisoner that doubts alexi was named Ursa and after the arm wrestling match alexi calls him a little bear. Could be a reference to Ursa Major who in the comics is on the same team as the red guardian.

  98. Andrew Royle
    Andrew Royle
    Месяц таму

    The husband renovating houses was a line to Jeremy Renner who actually renovates houses when not making did he not catch that with most of the world shipping Widow and Hawkeye?!?!?

  99. Pritesh V
    Pritesh V
    Месяц таму

    Did you just say family? - Dom Torreto

  100. DJLee79 18
    DJLee79 18
    Месяц таму

    Its the pockets obviously